High School / Home School / Dual Enrollment

High School Seniors Planning to Attend CPCC after Graduation

Charlotte-Mecklenburg High School Seniors

Visit the College Connection Program website to learn more about the early registration opportunity at your CMS high school and get connected with your recruiter! Earn your associate’s degree or take college courses that transfer to a four-year institution. Be sure to visit the Outreach and Recruitment website for more information and opportunities as you begin your academic journey at CPCC.

Other, Non-CMS High School/Home School Seniors

Follow these enrollment steps to begin your academic journey at CPCC. Contact First Year Experience at 704.330.6100 or via email at outreach@cpcc.edu if you need help or have questions.

High School/Home School Juniors and Seniors Interested in Taking CPCC Classes Now

Dual enrollment allows students to earn college credit while still in high school. If you are a high school junior or senior you may be eligible to take CPCC courses under the conditions detailed in the Career and College Promise Program. When you take dual enrollment courses, you will earn a CPCC transcript that documents the courses you take and the grades you receive. For more information on how to register for Career and College Promise, click here. Please email outreach@cpcc.edu for questions regarding the Career and College Promise Program.