Envision U

Envision U Recap - February 12, 2019

Law of Pure Potentiality

In week one, we reconnected to the Law of Pure Potentiality which is the first of the seven laws of success. We like to refer to the Law of Pure Potentiality as the passport to infinite possibilities. We reviewed the difference between “self-referral” vs. “object referral”. Self-referral speaks to self-source whereas object referral speaks to object-source(s).  As a group, we explored and selected a visual reminder of the place inside of self, where nothing is impossible. Then, we individually unpacked "soul seeking" questions. Wrapping the session with each person receiving a meditation reflection log, to track the suggested time of meditating/being in complete silence for three minutes twice a day.

What outside influences are blocking you from becoming your true self? What are some ways you can connect better with your true self and align with your success path? According to the Law of Pure Potentiality, spending time in silence, communing with nature, and practicing non-judgment daily allows you to take the first steps of balanced awareness and purpose alignment.

week 1 pic