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Connect U Recap - 9/19/18

Law of Giving In week 2, we learned about the second law of success which is the Law of Giving. Sometimes you may hear it referred to as the Law of Giving and Receiving.  The body, mind, and universe are constantly giving and receiving to each other creating a dynamic exchange of energy.  Often, we don’t think outside of materialistic relations when it comes to this law, but we must always remember there is a flow of energy that is given and received.  To keep wealth, affluence, or anything you desire circulating throughout your life you must give and receive with good intentions for creating happiness for the giver and receiver.

To practice the Law of Giving write down or think about all the things you want in life.  Once you complete your list write down the ways you can give these things you wish to receive.  For example, if you want someone to communicate better with you, list ways that you can give the gift of effective communication; if you want joy, list ways to give joy; if you want love, list ways to give love; and so on.  Make a commitment to yourself to learn to give wherever you go and to whomever you encounter daily, receive all things with a grateful heart, and remember to keep wealth circulating in your life by giving and receiving even if it’s just a silent wish of peace, joy, and happiness.

Food for thought: Happiness is a generator of increase so give accordingly

The Law of Giving


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