Balance U

Balance U Recap - 10/10/18

Week 5: The Law of Intention and Desire

In week 5, we learned about the fifth law of success: The Law of Intention and Desire. This law teaches us about two intrinsic qualities in consciousness; attention and intention.  Attention energizes while intention transforms.  Like planting a seed to harvest, whatever you focus your attention on the most will grow in your life.  Intention, on the other hand, transforms energy and information.  It also has infinite organizing power and lays the groundwork for pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest.  Without intention being the driving force, desire alone is weak.  Once you learn how to connect the power of intention you will be able to create anything you desire.

How do I connect the power of intention to align to my desires?

  1. 1. List all desires and make sure you can see them on a continuous basis
  2. 2. Release the list to the field of infinite possibilities
  3. 3. Remind yourself to practice present moment awareness

Remember: If your attention is in the present moment, then your intent for the future will manifest because the future is created in the present.