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Do You Need Better English Language Skills? Enroll in Academic ESL Classes.

  • The biggest difficulty at college is often problems with English, according to The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute (April 2002).
  • Foreign-born workers with limited English earn less than one-third of the pay of workers with high English skills (Source: Educational Testing Services, A Human Capital Concern: The Literary Proficiency of U.S. Immigrants, March 2004).

CPCC can help you succeed with English as a Second Language courses. As part of the Corporate and Continuing Education program, Academic ESL courses are for English language learners who want to improve their English for social, business and academic situations.

Academic ESL Communications I and II (EFL 8024 & 8025)
This course will provide instruction in academic and professional language for non-native speakers of English. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills that can be used in college courses and in professional career settings.  Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate improved English-language communication skills for participation and success in college classes and in the business world.


  1. Apply listening strategies to short and long academically-oriented lectures to improve listening comprehension.
  2. Take notes on main ideas from short and long lectures.
  3. Identify details and facts from lectures.
  4. Identify speakers’ attitudes and intentions in lectures.
  5. Participate in short and long extemporaneous speaking.
  6. Make an oral presentation on an academic or professional topic.
  7. Practice interrupting, maintaining the floor and adding speech to another speaker’s ideas.
  8. Apply reading strategies to academic reading tasks.
  9. Produce comprehensible pronunciation and intonation patterns in American English.
  10. Write short responses to topics in academic listening activities and readings.
  11. Produce grammatically correct academic discourse in spoken conversations.

Target Audience:
These courses are intended for nonnative speakers of English who wish to improve their communication skills for college success and/or success in the business world.  This course is recommended for students with an intermediate level of English or higher. 

TOEFL Preparation I and II (EFL 8050 & EFL 8051)
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is used by many colleges, universities and professions to test ability in academic and professional English. The TOEFL Preparation courses teach academic and professional language for non-native speakers of English with an emphasis on reading, listening, speaking, writing and test-taking skills.

For more information about the Academic ESL courses, please call the Foreign Language and Academic ESL division at 704.330.6914. Space is limited, so register early by calling 704.330.4223 or register online at