Getting Started with Academic ESL

Getting Started with Academic ESL


Getting Started: Steps to Enroll!

1. Go to Admissions, Central High 212, Central Campus.*

    • If you do not have a Student ID number, ask them to help you get one.
    • Ask how to get in-state tuition status.

    *International F-1 visa students contact International Services, Central High 101 or 704-330-6838.


    2. Go to Testing Center, Central High 248, Central Campus.

      • Say you want to take the Academic ESL Placement Test (Document #47)
      • Take your time and do your best. The test takes 2 or 3 hours.
      • Placement Test Hours:  arrive between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday
      • Listening and Reading Scores: available immediately
      • Grammar and Composition Scores: allow up to 48 hours (one week in summer)


      3. See an advisor about which classes to take.

        • F-1 visa Students: see an Academic ESL instructor, Central High 349, 350, or 351.
        • New CPCC Students: go to First Year Experience, Central High 110 for orientation, advising, registration, and financial aid.
        • Other Students: see a counselor, Student Success Center, Central High 365.

        *All students can check scores in the My College account on CPCC website. Check under Test Summary.


        4. Register and pay for your classes.

          • You can pay online or in person at the Registration Office (2nd floor of Central High Building at the window).
          • Go to to complete an application, create a login, register and pay online.

          CPCC Tuition for 2015-2016


          Out-of State:

          $76 per credit hour ($380 for one 5-credit-hour EFL class)

          $268 per credit hour ($1340 for one 5-credit-hour EFL class)

          $1,216 maximum

          $4, 288 maximum