Classes and Seminars

The Harper National Flexographic Center provides Corporate and Continuing Education classes each Semester. Classes are provided in Flexography, Offset, Screen Printing, Prepress, Computer Training, Graphics, and Safety.

Below is a current list of Industry Training/CCE classes offered, with new classes being developed daily. Custom classes are also only a phone call away. You can check our catalog and events/class schedule and see what is currently being offered or call Stephen Gerhardt at 704.330.4411. For current curriculum classes check out our Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology website. 


Flexographic Concepts PRX7012 8 hours
Flexographic Concepts II PRX7113 15 Hours
Flexographic Technical Training    
Flexographic Regional Workshop    

Screen Printing

Screen Printing Concepts I PRX7032 8 Hours
Screen Printing Concepts II PRX7033 15 Hours


Offset Concepts I PRX7122 8 Hours
Offset Concepts II PRX7123 15 Hours

Computer Software Training / Prepress 

Photoshop Fundamentals PRX7052 8 Hours
Photoshop Dominance I PRX7053 15 Hours
Illustrator Fundamentals PRX7062 8 Hours
Illustrator Dominance I PRX7063 15 Hours
InDesign Fundamentals PRX7072 8 Hours
InDesign Dominance I PRX7073 15 Hours
Acrobat Fundamentals PRX7082 8 Hours


Contact our Staff for more information.