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The Academic English as a Foreign Language curriculum prepares nonnative speakers of English to function successfully in institutions of higher education in the United States. Course work provides knowledge and practice of academic reading, grammar,listening/speaking and composition. Counts as credit towards a two-year degree, or transfer degree credit to a four year college or university is given for completion of level V (EFL 111 AND EFL 112) courses.

Central High Campus Testing Hours: Monday-Friday at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm

**You must get this permission slip signed by the Admissions Department (Central High room 212) in order to take the Academic ESL Placement Test.


The Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) Adult English  as a Second Language (ESL) classes provide learners with an opportunity to target areas of their conversational skills in a fun environment. Students will focus on developing their speaking, listening, and grammatical skills within a variety of contexts. Students who successfully complete a CCE Adult ESL class will receive continuing education units. These courses are ideal for students who are at a high beginning-intermediate level who want to take a short-term ESL course.


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