Financial Aid Calendar

Summer 2011 (May 21st – July 19th)

Financial Aid is credited to the student’s summer account.

June 13

Last day of Pre-Fall registration.

June 26

AR remaining financial aid funds put on Higher One Debit Cards.

June 24

Registration blackout period – Fall invoices are prepared. Students have a pay date by July 18th (may be delayed by State)

June 27- July 4

Independence Holiday

July 4

Fall priority date for Financial Aid

July 15

Fall invoice payment deadline

July 18

DREG students who owe a balance (excluding awarded financial aid students) for the Fall semester.

July 19

Summer classes end

July 19


If you were selected for verification, you will need to submit all of your requested documents by July 15th for financial aid to cover your expenses for the Fall Semester. If you are unable to do so, you will need to pay for your tuition, books and/or supplies. Once we have processed your financial aid, you will be reimbursed if eligible.