How to Apply

The FSA ID allows students and parents to access and electronically sign the online version of the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, with a user-selected username and password. The FSA ID is a username and password that has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN and must be used to log in to certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information and electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents. If you do not already have an FSA ID, you can create one when logging in to, the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®),,, and Agreement to Serve (ATS).

This new login process is more secure, eliminating the need for students and parents to provide personally identifiable information (such as name, date of birth and Social Security Number) every time they access U.S. Department of Education websites. It also permits self-service password retrieval by email and name changes (example: marriage).

The new FSA ID will provide a single sign-on for accessing all of the Department of Education's student / parent websites, such as FAFSA on the Web, National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) and


  • FSA ID username must be at least six alphanumeric characters.
  • Password must be 8-30 alphanumeric characters.
  • Password may not match the individual's name, Social Security Number or date of birth.
  • Everyone will be required to change his/her password at least once every two years.
  • When choosing a password, remember that the FSA ID is also an electronic signature used to sign the FAFSA, loan promissory notes and other legal documents.
  • Each FSA ID must be associated with a different email address, so parents and students must have their own email address.
  • Parents may not use their own email address for a dependent student, the student must have his/her own email address.
  • A test email message will be sent to the email address to confirm its validity.

To create your new FSA ID Click Here or visit and follow the steps provided.

For more information on FSA ID, click here.