Most students are eligible for some type of financial aid regardless of family financial circumstances. Basically, to be eligible for aid, students should:

  • Apply for a FSA ID.
  • Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid or a Renewal FAFSA designating CPCC (school code 002915).
  • Apply for admissions and be admitted to or enrolled in a eligible degree or certificate program.
  • Meet all federal eligibility requirements.
  • Verify official high school transcript/GED is on file with Student Records.
  • Verify that ALL official transcripts from previously attended colleges are on file with Student Records. Submit an official transcript for college if anyone of them is not on file.
  • Maintain correct mailing address with Student Records. This is the address we use for all financial aid correspondence.
  • Complete and submit all requested correspondence before the semester's priority date. Students who fail to meet the deadline will have to pay out-of-pocket and financial aid will reimburse according to eligibility.
  • Priority Dates-students are encouraged to have the financial aid process completed by the following dates:
    1. July 1st for fall semester
    2. December 1st for spring semester
    3. May 1st for summer semester

What if I did not meet the above deadlines?

You are strongly enouraged to apply for financial aid.  Your application will be accepted and processed; however, it may not be processed in time for you to use financial aid to pay for tuition and books.   If you are late, you will need to pay for your own tuition and books; then, if you qualify for financial aid, a deposit will be issued to your Higher One Debit card later in the term.