Purchasing Books

You can purchase books on any campus at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore with financial aid.
How it works:
  • Books and necessary school supplies can be charged to your student account during the allotted timeframe.  (If there are additional financial aid funds available and if the funds are not restricted to payment of tuition and fees, these additional financial aid funds can be made available in the bookstore to purchase books and approved supplies).
  • Using this option means that financial aid (including grants, scholarships and loans) money you have been awarded will pay tuition and fees as well as your books and supplies charges.
  • All you have to do is tell the Bookstore Cashier-“Please charge this to my financial aid.”  In addition, you will need to have your student id card and a copy of your schedule.

What you need to know
  • You have to apply and be awarded Federal Student Aid first. You can start this process by completing the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA Application).
  • You will need to complete the on-line Financial Aid Authorization Form on your MyCollege account.
  • The amount of money (grants, scholarships and loans) you have been awarded must exceed your total tuition, fee, books and supplies charges. You will have to pay any charges in excess of incoming financial aid.
  • This service is intended for the purchase of books and necessary supplies. CDs, food or clothing, computers, electronics, and/or toiletries CANNOT be charged to your student account. Buying books, supplies and/or bus passes that are not needed is PROHIBITED. Students who are found to be purchasing excessive books, supplies and/or bus passes will be in violation of CPCC's Student Code of Conduct.
  • By charging your books and supplies on account you agree to adhere to the policies and procedures of the CPCC Financial Aid Office and Barnes and Noble Bookstore. These policies include, but are not limited to, refunds, returns and exchanges.
  • The majority of our scholarships pay only tuition and fees – NOT supplies and books.
  • If you register for courses and purchase books and then drop a course, you may owe the college. Please return all books for classes that are dropped.
  • Direct Loans can be used to purchase books and/or supplies.

REMEMBER—Your tuition/fees, supplies and/or bookstore charges will be subtracted from any financial aid deposited into your Higher One Account.