Priority Dates


Priority Dates:

  1. Priority Dates are critical when applying for financial aid. Apply as early as possible.

  2. July 1st is the annual priority processing date established by Central Piedmont Community College. Apply by June 15th and submit requested documentation by July 1st each year for the best chance of receiving a financial aid award for the next academic year.

  3. After priority dates, there may be less aid available from state aid and scholarships. Students still may submit applications, but they may be required to pay their tuition and books themselves before receiving a reimbursement credit. See a financial aid representative for possible reimbursement for current or past semesters of federal Pell grants.

  4. Students who have difficulty paying 100% of tuition and fees at the time payment is due should see the Cashier’s Office about the FACTS payment plan.  This plan allows students to spread tuition over two or three payments. Students also may apply on-line at:

Guarantee Processing Dates

In order to ensure that your financial aid is processed in time to pay for your classes, you must meet the guarantee processing dates listed below. CPCC must receive your FAFSA information from the Federal Government and all paperwork needed to complete your file by the guarantee dates listed below:
Guarantee Date
July 1st
December 1st
May 1st