Enrollment Status


Required Enrollment Status for Financial Aid per semester -- Fall, Spring, Summer*:

StatusCredit Hours
Full Time 12 or more
Three-Quarter Time 9 – 11
Half-Time 6 – 8
Less Than Half-Time 1 – 5

*Clock/Credit Hour Conversions - The determination of enrollment status (full, ¾, ½, or less) is, by Federal Regulations, different for the following four programs of study:

        This determination of enrollment status is different because the programs have one or more courses that cannot be used toward a two-year degree program. Enrollment status determination for the above programs involves totaling for each course the clock/contact hours a student takes each semester. The total hours are then divided by 30 to obtain the converted credits. The converted credits are then used to determine the enrollment status. More information on Clock/Credit Hour Conversions, please click here.