Award Information

The financial aid package should be completed before course registration or tuition and fees will need to be paid for before the designated due dates. If tuition and fees are not paid within designated due dates, registration is cancelled.

The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to adjust a financial aid package when an over-award is made. Students are required to notify the Financial Aid Office if any additional gift aid assistance is received for educational expenses. Furthermore, the Financial Aid Office voids any award if it is determined that the student provided incorrect or false information on the financial aid application. All financial aid awards are subject to change if the information on which they were based changes, if federal regulations require a change, or an over-award occurs.

Central Piedmont Community College's Financial Aid Office adjusts student awards throughout the drop/add period. After the drop/add period, no awards are adjusted unless a "never attended" or a "complete withdrawal" is received from the instructor before the start date.

The award letter is based on full-time enrollment for an entire year. Any changes in enrollment status must be reported to the Financial Aid Office.

  • Full-time status (100%) means enrollment for a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Three-quarter time status (75%) means enrollment for 9 to 11 credit hours.
  • Half-time status (50%) means enrollment for 6 to 8 credit hours.
  • Less than half-time status consists of enrollment in 1 to 5 credit hours.

Award Information - The Award Letter

To determine the amount of Federal Pell Grant you are eligible to receive based on the credit hours you enroll, visit:

If you receive funding from outside sources, such as scholarships, you are required to notify Financial Aid.