Appeal Process

Appeal Process

Students not meeting the minimum SAP requirements have the right to petition the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee to have their aid reinstated when extenuating circumstances exist. Circumstances which are considered extenuating are those which are unusual or unforeseen at the beginning of the enrollment period such as death of a relative, injury, illness, family or financial difficulties.  An appeal may not be based upon the need for assistance or lack of knowledge that assistance was in jeopardy. The committee will review the appeal and notify the student of their decision in writing to their CPCC email account.

  • Appeals must be in writing and include an explanation of why you were unable to meet the SAP requirements, and the circumstances that have changed which would allow you to make SAP at the next evaluation.
  • Your written statement must include a description of the problem/incident indicating dates and time periods involved, as well as the impact of your academic performance.
  • You must also submit any supporting documentation.  Documentation must include, but is not limited to, divorce decrees, death certificates, and letters from doctors, counselors, advisors, etc.  Written statements from a professional should reference your name, diagnosis, dates of treatment and length that situation has or was occurring.
  • Attach documentation supporting your appeal.  Include any statements (on company letterhead) from third party persons (e.g. clergy, employers, medical professionals, etc.) who can verify your extenuating circumstances.   Report of incident/s, such as a police report, insurance damage report, and bill/s for services related to emergency, etc.
  • Complete the educational plan section of the appeal form indicating that you will complete only classes that are required to complete your degree.

The educational plan will demonstrate that, if followed, you will be meeting SAP standards at the next evaluation or by a specified point in time. This plan must be presented with your appeal letter. To view the courses required for your current degree program login into your MyCollege and view your Program Evaluation. If the “Active Programs” showing on the Program Evaluation option screen is/are incorrect, please make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in order to request a program change prior to turning in your appeal.

Written appeals must be filed within 30 days of notification or prior to the last day of add/drop for the semester in which aid is desired, whichever comes first.

Students should not assume that a SAP appeal will be approved and must accept responsibility for paying tuition and fees if the appeal is denied. SAP Appeals Committee decisions are final, and may not be appealed to another source. Students may only submit two appeals.

Financial Aid Probation and Reinstatement

When an appeal is approved, eligibility for aid will be reinstated on a probationary basis for one semester.  Your academic performance in that probationary semester will be reviewed to determine the status for the upcoming semester.

  • If the requirements for satisfactory academic progress are now being met, your eligibility will be reinstated.
  • If you are successfully following an academic plan, but still not meeting the SAP standards, you will be permitted aid for the upcoming semester.   As long as a student continues to meet the requirements of the academic plan at each scheduled review period, the student is eligible to receive financial aid.
  • If it becomes mathematically impossible to meet degree completion and/or grade point requirements prior to the maximum time frame, the student immediately becomes ineligible for future financial aid.

It is the student's responsibility to be aware of his/her Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid eligibility. Each student is notified, via their CPCC email account when placed on Warning or Suspension. If the student takes the necessary action that brings the student in compliance with the qualitative and quantitative components of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards, the Federal Pell Grant and other types of financial assistance (depending on availability of funds) are reinstated at the beginning of the next term of attendance, if otherwise eligible. When approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee or after one semester of satisfactory progress, the student’s status upon reinstatement will be Probation on an Appeal.

Academic Plan

Academic Plans will only be assigned if you have an approved SAP Appeal. The Academic Plan is designed to ensure that you will be meeting SAP by a specific point in time. CPCC’s Academic Plan requires:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or better each term
  • Complete 100% of enrolled coursework each term
  • Enroll only in the specific courses required for your current degree program and assigned as part of your Academic Plan each term.


What You Need To Do To Reach Satisfactory Academic Progress Quantitatively And/Or Qualitatively

Quantitative :  0.67 x total attempted hours minus total completed hours divided by .33 equals the number of credit hours needed to reach 67%

Qualitative:  2 x total GPA credits - total GPA grade points equals the number of credit hours completed with a "B" to reach 2.00 cumulative GPA