Appeal Process

Appealing Satisfactory Academic Progress

A student placed on financial aid suspension for not meeting the required satisfactory academic progress (SAP) guidelines might appeal his/her suspension if there were unusual or extenuating circumstances that contributed to the student’s failure to meet these guidelines.   If the appeal is granted, the student will be placed on a SAP Continued Probation status and will be allowed to receive financial aid for the next semester if he or she meets the stipulations of the appeal and/or reestablishes satisfactory academic progress.

A student may appeal the termination/suspension of financial aid by completing a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form obtained from the Financial Aid Forms website and indicating in writing: a) reasons why he or she did not achieve minimum standards, b) reasons why his or her eligibility should not be terminated but reinstated. Appeals must be submitted in writing with supporting documentation explaining any unusual circumstances that caused the student’s academic progress to be less than required. Federal law gives some examples where allowances might be made for mitigating circumstances: for instance, if a student becomes very ill or is severely injured requiring doctor’s care, or if a student’s relative dies. An appeal may not be based upon a student's need for financial aid or on the student's lack of knowledge that the assistance was in jeopardy.

Submitting an appeal does not guarantee that financial aid eligibility will be reinstated.

If an appeal is granted, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation.  This probation period allows the student to receive financial aid for one semester after which the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress will be reevaluated. In some cases, the student will not be able to attain Satisfactory Academic Progress in only one semester. These students will be required to submit, and if approved, follow a Success Plan that will include certain benchmarks that must be attained in order to continue to receive financial aid funds.

If a student is placed on Financial Aid Probation does not meet all of the minimum requirements for the satisfactory academic progress components within the next semester or fails to meet all of the minimum requirements outlined in the Financial Aid Success Plan, the student will no longer be eligible for financial aid for subsequent semesters.

Regaining Federal Student Aid Eligibility

Other than when an appeal is granted for unusual or mitigating circumstances, a student can reestablish eligibility only by taking action that brings the student in compliance with the qualitative and quantitative components of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. A student for whom a satisfactory academic progress appeal is approved will be expected to complete 100% of all attempted credit hours with a minimum 2.0 grade point average the semester following the approved appeal. Satisfactory progress must be demonstrated by the end of the specified probationary term before further aid can be awarded.

The terms of requalification for students on Suspension or Termination include reaching the minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, completing 67% of all attempted courses, and not exceeding 150% time frame of the current active program of study.

Students with Disabilities: Students who are aware of learning or other disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services to determine the appropriate accommodations.  A student with a documented disability and functional limitations is still held to the same academic expectations as other students.

Financial Aid Success Plan

If a student is placed on suspension, and successfully appeals the decision, but the student’s academic situation is such that it would be mathematically impossible to regain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) eligibility during the next semester as required by federal SAP guidelines, the Financial Aid Office may, at its sole discretion, place the student on a financial aid success plan.  This plan will be designed to outline steps of progress that, if followed by the student each semester, will lead to SAP eligibility being regained at a specific time in the future. The Success Plan will be defined for each individual student depending on his or her circumstances. If a student does not meet these progressive steps each semester, he/she will immediately be placed on financial aid termination.  A student can reestablish eligibility only by taking action that brings the student in compliance with the qualitative and quantitative components of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards.

Appealing Max Time Frame

Students who have attempted more than 150% of the published credits required for their program of study, are considered not meeting satisfactory academic progress. Students disqualified from receiving financial aid due to exceeding the 150% maximum time frame may appeal that decision by completing the Satisfactory Academic Progress Maximum Time Frame Appeal form. The student must be meeting the cumulative 2.0 grade point average and 67% cumulative completion rate to submit a maximum time frame appeal. The appeal must contain a description of the extenuating circumstances which led to the need for the student to exceed the 150% limit without completing a program.  A timetable must also be provided of the remaining coursework for program completion.

A student suspended for exceeding the maximum hours allowed for degree completion should also have an academic advisor submit in writing the remaining hours required for degree completion or submit an academic transcript (degree audit) if extenuating circumstances require the student to exceed the maximum time limit.

Regaining Federal Student Aid Eligibility
Students denied federal student aid based on an Unusual Enrollment History Appeal may have their financial aid eligibility reinstated once they have completed one academic term consisting of six credit hours of curriculum coursework in an eligible program of study. Students must also meet the College's standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Please note that students may not drop or withdraw from (officially or unofficially) any course after the term begins. At the end of the completed semester, the student should submit a letter for reinstatement with their final grade report.

A student, who regains eligibility either by appeal or by completing a successful term, will receive financial aid beginning in the payment period that the approval is given. For example, a student denied in the fall term who attends a minimum of 6 credit hours, does not withdraw from any courses, maintains a 2.0 GPA ,and successfully meets the stipulations at the end of the fall term, will be eligible for federal aid in the spring term.

Processing Appeals
Submit appeal forms and documentation to the Financial Aid Office at least fifteen working days before the semester start date. Appeals after this date are processed before the end of the semester. Students are informed of their appeal decision by an email being sent to their CPCC email account. Students may also view their satisfactory academic status and the determination of their appeals on their MyCollege account. Students submitting an appeal will not have their classes held by financial aid.

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