1.  What is a financial aid refund?

    • A financial aid refund is the dollar amount of financial aid remaining after school expenses for the current academic year are deducted.
    • Tuition, fees, and bookstore charges are examples of school expenses.
    • Some types of financial aid may not qualify for a refund (such as various scholarships or sponsorships).
    • To maintain eligibility for awarded aid, students earn federal and state aid by attending class at least through the 60% point of the enrollment period.
    • Failure to remain enrolled and attend classes as required may result in the reversal of awarded aid.
    • Students are responsible for repaying refunds for aid that was not earned by attending through the 60% point of the enrollment period.

2.  When will financial aid refunds be processed?

    • Spring 2018 refunds for eligible students will be disbursed according to the table below.
    • Refund dates are firm, and refunds will not be issued earlier than the scheduled dates.
    • For the Spring 2018 semester, the processing of refunds will begin approximately 5 weeks after the semester begins.
    • Financial aid will be credited to CPCC student accounts based on the start date of each course.
    • Financial aid will not be credited to a student account before the 10% point (census date) of each curriculum course.
    • Every curriculum course has a 10% point (census date).
    • The course 10% point (census date)  may be found on the course syllabus or by clicking here to review the Fall 2017 10% point (census date) report. 
    • Class attendance impacts eligibility for refunds.
    • Students who have been identified as "Never Attended" or given a "Last Date of Attendance" by instructors for a course may not be eligible for some or all aid for that course, even if the course has ended.
    • Refunds are processed throughout the semester based on the 10% point (census date) of each enrolled course.  See the Spring 2018 Financial Aid Refund Schedule below.
    • As an example, refunds scheduled for February 16, 2018 are for curriculum courses with a 10% point (census date) of January 22nd, 2018 or earlier.



Course 10% Point (Census date)

& DMA Courses with Grades Posted


Scheduled Refund Date*

January 22nd or earlier


Friday, February 16th

(By the end of the business day)

February 20th or earlier

Friday, March 9th

(By the end of the business day)

March 26thor earlier


Friday, April 13th

(By the end of the business day)

May 3rd or earlier


Friday, May 11th

(By the end of the business day)

*Scheduled refund dates are subject to adjustment if technical problems, system issues, or other unplanned challenges occur.  Refunds should be credited to BankMobile cards (BankMobile Vibe) or other designated financial institutions by the end of the business day on the "Scheduled Refund Date."

3.  How will I receive my financial aid refund?



      4.  How will I know when my refund has been credited to my BankMobile

      debit card (BankMobile Vibe) or other designated bank account?

        • BankMobile will notify students via email when refunds are credited to the BankMobile debit cards (BankMobile Vibe).
        • BankMobile will notify subscribers via mobile alerts (text messages) when refunds are credited to the BankMobile debit cards (BankMobile Vibe).
        • To subscribe to BankMobile mobile alerts, log in by clicking here and selecting the "Refunds" tab.
        • If you opted to have your refund deposited into an alternate designated bank account, please check with your banking institition for information on deposit notifications and alerts.


      5.  What does the CPCC BankMobile debit card look like?

      BankMobile Card Image

      • You (the student) will receive a Personal Code to use in order to activate your BankMobile debit card account. This will need to be completed before an actual card is mailed to you.

      "To view our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank, click here."

      6.  How can I learn more about the BankMobile debit card (BankMobile Vibe)?


      7.  How can I check the amount of my scheduled refund on my CPCC

      MyCollege account?


      Step 1: Visit  Select "MyCollege."

      Step 2: Select "Log In."

      Step 3: Enter your "CPCC Login."

      Step 4: Enter your CPCC "Password."

      Step 5: Click "Submit."

      Step 6: Select "Financial Information."

      Step 7: Select "Account Summary by Term."

      Step 8: View the "Balance."



      A negative dollar amount indicates a scheduled refund (for qualifying financial aid types).



      An example of a negative dollar amount is " $765.69- " as shown below.

      8. What happens if I do not activate my BankMobile card, or I do not select a refund preference?

      The unclaimed award funds reporting policy for CPCC’s Financial Aid Office is to identify, capture, report and remit all due unclaimed funds, where we have been unsuccessful in locating the student, and ensure compliance with the laws of the State of North Carolina and the Department of Education (federal laws). Students who do not activate their BankMobile account or who have never made a refund selection, or who have not cashed a refund check, will have their funds voided and returned to the appropriate agency within 90 days. If your voided funds are North Carolina grants, by law, these funds are escheated, or turned over to the Department of State Treasurer. You can check the State Treasurer’s website to claim these funds: If your unclaimed funds are federal, such as awards from Federal Student Aid (FSA), the funds will be returned to the Department of Education within ninety days. Funds from prior award years cannot be reissued.