Q: If I’m no longer working or my situation has changed, can any adjustments be made to my income reported?
A: Yes, if your loss of income was due to circumstances beyond your control. Complete the Request for Professional Judgment form and provide requested documentation to the Financial Office. A Financial Aid counselor will review the documentation provided and make adjustments to previously reported data.If all requirements are met, a correction will be sent to the Department of Education.A revised award letter will be sent if the award is adjusted.

Q: If I am classified as a dependent student by FAFSA guidelines, but I consider myself to be an independent student, can I apply for financial aid as an independent student?
A: Only in extreme cases. Examples of this would be the death of your parents, or cases of abuse or neglect by your parents. Documentation of your situation is required and you must show how you currently meet your living expenses.

Q: What happens if I don't want to accept all the financial aid offered to me?
A: The financial aid award that is offered by CPCC is the total financial aid offer. You may choose to accept all the financial aid offered or you may choose to accept only certain individual financial aid components, such as the Federal Plus Loans, Federal Direct Loans, alternative loans, work-study, or grants. If one component is declined no additional aid will be offered to make up for that declined aid.

Q: I have been offered an outside scholarship. How does this affect my financial aid?
A: If the student receives resources at any time during the award year that was not considered in calculating the student's eligibility for aid, and these resources combined with the expected financial aid will exceed the student's need, the amount in excess of the student's need is considered an over award. Therefore, you must notify CPCC of any additional assistance that you receive such as outside scholarships, employer reimbursements, etc.

Note: Student/Parent requesting Professional Judgment for the 2017-2018 academic year need to  include documentation of their completed 2015 and 2016 Federal Tax returns to show changes of income from previous year.