Other Scholarship Search Engines

  1. Adventures in Education: Use this quick search engine to learn about 15,000 scholarships available to a wide variety of students and college needs.
  2. Careers and Colleges: You can register for free to search through over seven billion dollars in college scholarships and grants at this online search engine. Careers and Colleges also offers a $2,000 monthly scholarship giveaway.
  3. CareerOneStop: This career site provides a search engine that links to more than 5,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans and other financial aid opportunities. The search is divided by award type, residence preference, study level and affiliation restrictions.
  4. College Board: Find scholarships, internships, grants and loans that match your education level, talents and background. This database contains over 2,300 sources for college funding.
  5. College Data: Find scholarships that match the eligibility criteria you enter for your grade point average (GPA), gender, residency, ethnicity/heritage, religion and area of study.
  6. CollegeFunds.net: Sign up to receive information about student loans, scholarships and other financial aid resources.
  7. EdFed 2010: America’s top student loan provider also provides a search engine to find scholarships for your online or on-campus education.
  8. FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid maintains a search engine to find scholarships. Filling out this application for aid also can help you define your answers to many scholarship questions and may provide you with many government resources for student financial aid. You must register to use this resource..
  9. FastWeb: This popular college funding resource provides information on 1.3 million scholarships worth over three billion dollars. FastWeb has been assisting students and parents for nearly fifteen years.
  10. FindTuition: Register to gain access to over 1.7 million scholarships with a free scholarship search tool that allows users to search, research, target, and manage scholarship opportunities via specific college, athletic, and major targeted searches.
  11. Fresch! This free scholarship search engine allows users to fill out a profile and create a custom search for scholarships.
  12. Mach25: Enter a series of keywords to find all scholarships that contain those same words in the name or description. You also can fill out a personal profile to find matches for your educational needs.
  13. Scholarship Experts: Register to receive information about the scholarships that might work for you as an online college student. Scholarship Experts has been helping parents and students find scholarships and free money since 2001.
  14. Scholarship Monkey 2.0: Scholarship Monkey is a free service for students and parents wishing to obtain scholarship information for any academic pursuits. Register, fill out a profile, and gain access to over one million scholarships from over 4,000 sources.
  15. Scholarships.com: Fill out a profile to find a scholarship that might fit you and your educational goals and create an application file that contains commonly requested information, save it to your computer and use it to complete future scholarship searches and applications at any Scholarship Data Standard site.
  16. School Soup: This search engine will find scholarships that match your interests and profile by searching through $32 Billion worth of scholarships. Scholarships with the best matches are listed first.
  17. Student Awards: This site contains a comprehensive database of awards offered by public and private sector and not-for-profit organizations. You also can find awards that are only available to studentawards.com members.
  18. StudentScholarshipSearch: Register to search through free scholarship updates across a wide variety of requirements. The site not only focuses on national scholarships, but also includes scholarships by state and level of education. You might also visit the companion site, ScholarshipPoints to earn points for free scholarships worth up to ten thousand dollars.
  19. SuperCollege: Register to search through over two million college scholarships, grants, fellowships and contests that can help you pay for your online college education.