Scholarship Tips: Get Ready to Apply


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What is AcademicWorks?

  • AcademicWorks is an online tool used to search and apply for over 200 CPCC Foundation scholarships.
  • To improve learner support, the AcademicWorks tool has replaced the paper scholarship application for all CPCC Foundation Scholarships.


Who can use AcademicWorks?

  • AcademicWorks is for current or future learners who have been admitted to CPCC by submitting a CPCC admissions application.
  • Your CPCC Login will be required to log on to AcademicWorks.
  • Your CPCC Student Email password will be used to login to AcademicWorks.


Do I have to complete the FAFSA to be considered for scholarships?

  • Yes. To be considered for a CPCC Foundation scholarship, a FAFSA must be on file in the Financial Aid office.
  • The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (


When are scholarship applications accepted in AcademicWorks?

  • Scholarship applications are accepted at all times in AcademicWorks.
  • However, scholarship awards begin in May.
  • For priority consideration, applications should be submitted by April 30 to be eligible for most opportunities.
  • Funds are limited. Apply early.


How do I apply for scholarships using AcademicWorks?

  • Complete the General Application to be considered for most scholarship opportunities.
  • Apply for additional scholarship opportunities that have additional criteria and questions.


If I receive federal financial aid, am I eligible for scholarships?

  • To assist as many students as possible, scholarships are awarded to students who have financial need after aid from federal, state or other grant program sources are considered.


How do I answer the questions about “my educational and career goals” and “how a scholarship will help you meet these goals”?

  • It is recommended that applicants write the answer in a Microsoft Word document first.
  • Use the spell check tool and check your answer for errors.
  • If possible let someone read your answers before submitting the application.
  • The answers to these questions are considered the Essay of the scholarship.
  • The Essay should include information such as returning to school after working, changing careers, or if you have a degree.


How will I know if I have successfully completed my application?

  • AcademicWorks will prompt you if the General Scholarship Application has been successfully completed.
  • AcademicWorks does not accept incomplete General Scholarship Applications.
  • Required questions are marked with an asterisk (“*”).


Can I edit my application after it has been successfully submitted?

  • Yes. Previously submitted applications can be edited.


When will the award decisions be made and how will I be notified?

  • Scholarship award notifications will begin May 15 for applicants who applied during the priority application period.
  • Email is the official tool CPCC uses to provide notices to communicate with learners.
  • Check your CPCC student email regularly for updates.


After I have been notified that I have been awarded a scholarship, how do I accept it?

  • If you are awarded a scholarship, an offer will be included as a part of your notification email.
  • You will be prompted to accept a scholarship offer in the email that is sent to you.


Is there a deadline for accepting a scholarship offer?

  • Yes. Scholarship offers should be accepted by July 3 to secure your award before the start of the academic period.


Can I get online help while completing my scholarship application while I am logged into AcademicWorks?

  • Yes. Access additional useful information when you see an i icon next to a question.
  • The i indicates that additional helpful tips are available.


Who do I contact if I have a problem?

  • Utilize the “Get Help Now” button located in the upper right hand corner to access the AcademicWorks helpdesk.