Financial aid plays an important role in making college accessible to students. A lack of financial resources alone should not be a barrier in achieving this goal. It costs money to be a student. Aside from the tuition and fees that a student must pay to the College, a student must buy books and supplies, pay for transportation to and from school, and cover personal expenses such as meals and housing. Many students and their families are unable to come up with the money needed to cover all of these expenses. For this reason, CPCC accepts a variety of payment methods and is an eligible institution participating in both federal and state financial aid programs.

In general, financial aid may be available in the form of grants, loans, or scholarships. A grant is a type of financial aid based on financial need (or other eligibility requirements) that the student may not have to repay.  Use the links at the left or below for more details about the different grant programs available at CPCC and their respective requirements.

Grants Available