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Accounts Payable

Q: Can my invoice be paid without a BO or PO (by check request)?


A: No. An encumbrance is required for invoices regardless of dollar amount.



Budgets and Payroll

Q: How do I request/complete a budget revision?

A: Complete the FS-24 form which also contains detailed instructions on completing the form.


This information is readily available on the Budget Web page.


Q: When do I get paid each month and what period is covered?

A: Full-time faculty and staff are paid up to the current pay date on the last calendar day of the month. For example, the full time pay date for June 1st-June 30th would be June 30th. Part-time faculty and staff are paid on the 15th day of the month following the previous month-end. For example, for the month of June1st-30th, pay date is July 15th.


Q: Where can I find information about Full-time and Part-time positions?

A: On the Position Crosswalk located at Z:\Position Crosswalk\Positions as of mm-dd-yy (example Positions as of 07-08-10). The Position Crosswalk is updated every Friday afternoon.


Campus Printing

Q: How much does printing cost?

A: Black printing costs 4.5 cents each one-side and 8.5 cents each two-sided. Color printing costs vary by quantity from 38 cents to 15 cents per side. Some papers are at additional cost. For more details, check out our pricing on the web: www.cpcc.edu/campus-printing/printing-services-and-pricing. If your question is not addressed in the following FAQ’s, please send us an email and we will respond within 24 hours.


Q: What hours are you open?

A: The Cashier's Office normal hours of operation are:

Monday-Thursday8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm


The week before classes begin and the first week of classes, office hours are:


Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 7:00pm
Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm


Extended hours dates for each semester are published in the CPCC class schedule.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?




A: CPCC now offers the NELNET tuition payment plan. For financial assistance, you may want to visit the Financial Aid Office located on the Central High Building on Central Campus or visit their web site at www.cpcc.edu/financial_aid.



Q: Do you issue credit back on a credit card?


A: Students receive refunds via the CPCC debit card or by an ACH transfer to their personal bank account. For more information, please visit the CPCC debit card website.



Q: How do I get a refund for classes I dropped/canceled?


A: Refunds will be issued to an activated CPCC debit card. For more information, please visit the CPCC debit card.



Q: What number do I call if I have questions concerning my refund?


A: Call the Cashier's Office at 704-330-6964.



Q: Will I receive a statement indicating the amount owed for classes?


A:. Only statements for PRE-FALL REGISTRATION will be mailed. Payment is due the day after you register. View dates and deadlines for registration.



Q: Where/How do I pay?


A: The current forms of payment we accept are MasterCard, Visa, American Express, cash, check or money order. You can pay in person at any campus at our cashiering offices. You can also pay by calling CHRIS at 704-330-6970 or by logging on to mycollege.cpcc.edu.


Student Insurance

Q: Where do I find information about student insurance?

A:  Visit www.cpcc.edu/insurance/student-insurance or
call 704-330-4414 or 704-330-4406.


Accounting & Reporting

Q. Who do I contact about creating an account or questions about creating an account?

A. The best place for answers to your question(s) about creating an account is the GL Forms page of the Accounting & Reporting intranet site.


Human Resources

Employee Relations and Equal Opportunity:

Q: How can I create and lead a Respectful Workplace?

A: Model respectful behavior for all employees: Understand the college’s policies and be able to communicate them clearly and consistently to other employees. Understand what is/how to identify discriminatory or harassing behavior and coach employees on how to avoid and not participate in it. Treat all discrimination and harassment complaints seriously and respond immediately. Allow no retaliatory behavior between employees.


Q: How do I bring a concern or complaint forward?  What should I do if I feel I’m being treated differently for bringing a concern or complaint forward?  Who should I contact?

A: Contact your supervisor immediately.  If you feel you’re being mistreated by your supervisor, contact the college’s HR department at 704-330-6631 or the Equal Opportunity Office at 704-330-6524. These resources will determine if your concern should be handled as an HR Employee Relations issue, or as an Equal Opportunity issue. The college will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or retaliation against any employee or student who has brought legitimate concerns forward.


Employee Recruitment and Selection:

Q: What is the status of my application?

A: All applicants may review their status by logging into their account.  A “Considering” status indicates that their information has been received and is being reviewed by HR or the Hiring Manager.  Applicants will be contacted directly by the Hiring Manager or Hiring Committee if they are selected to be interviewed; otherwise, they will receive an email notification once the position has been filled.


Q:  Who is the hiring manager?

A: The hiring manager’s contact information is withheld until after an applicant has been selected for the position. There are two reasons for this:  1. The integrity of the selection process must be maintained 2. As a practical matter, the hiring manager doesn’t always have the time or resources to personally take on the responsibility of managing the high volume of applicants for any given position.

Q: How do I apply to open positions?

A: All positions are posted online and all applications must be received online.  Applicants can apply directly to open positions by visiting  www.cpcc.edu/humanresources/employment. Applicants must apply to each position they are interested in.


Compensation & Benefits:

Q: How does the contribution toward my retirement work?

A: Employees contribute 6% of their gross income to the TSERS each month and the college contributes 9.15%. These monies fund your retirement, short term disability and a death benefit of one times your annual salary, not to exceed $50,000.


Q: What is a Life Event?

A: A Life Event is a change in your personal status that allows you to adjust your benefits, either during or outside of the normal enrollment period. A Life Event is defined as:

- Marriage

- Birth or adoption of a child

- Divorce

- Death

- Dependent child age 19–25 enrolling as a full-time student

- Loss of other health care coverage


Q: What’s the difference between a BO and a PO?

A: *Purchase orders (PO) list items that are received by Shipping & Receiving; sales tax and freight charges are added to the total of goods. *Blanket orders (BO) are a one-line encumbrance only, with sales tax and freight included in the total amount. They may be issued for unknown items/quantities during a specific time period or fiscal year, to be either delivered directly to a campus location or picked up. It may also cover non-taxable services provided for encumbrance purposes only; CPCC internal purchases such as Print Shop, Mailroom, and P-Card may be encumbered on a BO.