Directory of Services

The following departments form the Finance and Administrative Services Unit. Standard operating office hours are from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.






Mike Whiteman, Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services

Auxiliary Services,  Enterprise Risk Management, Fixed Assets & Construction Accounting 
The Construction and Fixed Assets Accounting Department provides the oversight of accounting activities and requirements for construction projects, and the life-cycle tracking of all college-owned assets from asset acquisition to retirement.

The Auxiliary Services Department:  Campus Printing, Bookstores, Vending, and Food Services serve the entire College, both faculty/staff and students.

Enterprise Risk Management is responsible for the oversight of Insurance, contract management, claims management, as well as Business Continuity and Emergency Management.

    Connie Laliberte, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

    Phone: 704.330.6717
    Fax: 704.330.5045
    Location: Central Campus - Disher Building


    Enterprise Risk Management

    Vietta Durnin, Executive Director
    Location:  Central Campus - Disher Building

    Phone: 704-330-6633

    Construction Accounting, Fixed Assets & Auxiliary Services

    Miriam Mason, Executive Director

    Location:  Central Campus - Drumm Facilities Services Building

    Phone: 704-330-6303
    Fax: 704-330-6166

    Campus Printing and Signs

    Nancy Green, Director of Campus Printing

    Location: Central Campus - First Floor, Student Parking Deck 2

    Phone: 704-330-6502
    Fax: 704-330-6138

    College Services (Bookstores, Vending, Food Services)

    Phone: 704-330-6698
    Fax: 704-330-6166

    Financial Services

    Jessica Boyce, Vice President, Financial & Auxiliary Services

    Location: Central Campus - Hall Building

    Phone: 704.330.6858

    Fax: 704.330.6720

    The Financial Services Department coordinates a number of central services for departments within Finance and Administrative Services.

    The departments within Financial Services include:

    • Accounts Payable
    • Budgets and Payroll
    • Business Office/Cashiering
    • Sponsor Desk
    • Corporate and Continuing Education Accounting
    • Accounting & Reporting
    • Grants, Contracts, and Financial Aid Accounting
    • Procurement
    • Insurance


    Generally, the Financial Services department is responsible for the accurate and timely reporting of financial information to both internal and external parties.

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable is responsible for the payment of invoices for all services provided to the College.

    Central Campus - Charlottetowne Office Building

    Phone: 704-330-6772
    Fax: 704-330-6328


    Jennifer Ennis, Supervisor

    The Procurement Department is the sole authority within the institution to buy goods and services for use by the faculty, staff, and administration.

    Location:  Central Campus, Charlottetowne Office Building

    Phone: 704-330-6766
    Fax: 704-330-0474


    Budgets and Payroll

    The Budgets and Payroll department manages the College’s Operating Budget Plan to conform with the requirements of the North Carolina Community College System and other State and Federal regulations, and also maintains payroll systems and records for the College’s employees.

    Central Campus – College Administration 2 Building

    Phone: 704-330-6419
    Fax: 704-330-6075


    Accounting & Reporting

    Accounting & Reporting (formerly Finance & G/L Systems) is responsible for the maintenance of the College’s Chart of Accounts, and all internal and external Financial reporting.

    Central Campus - Hall building

    Phone: 704-330-6304
    Fax: 704-330-6720


    Business Office/Cashiering

    The Business Office / Cashiering Department handles all student accounting including tuition and fee payments.

    Cashiering/Collections/Billing Office Hours/Locations/Phone Numbers

    *Special Extended Office Hours
    (During Registration and Schedule Adjustment Period): 
    Monday - Thursday: 7:30a - 7:00p
    Friday: 7:30a - 5:00p

    Fax: 704-330-6137

    Sponsor Desk

    The Sponsored Student Programs office provides fiscal management for all financial sponsor activity.

    Location: Levine Campus

    Regular Office Hours 
    Monday - Thursday: 8:00a - 6:00p
    Friday: 8:00a - 4:00p

    Phone: 704.330.4262
    Fax: 704.330.4224


    Corporate & Continuing Education Accounting

    CCE Accounting handles all self-supporting billing and receivables for the College's Corporate and Continuing Education Division.

    Location: Harris Campus

    Phone: 704-330-4670
    Fax: 704-330-4620


    Grants, Contracts, and Financial Aid Accounting

    Grants, Contracts, and Financial Aid Accounting manages the accounting of financial resources of grants and contracts while maintaining adherence to compliance factors and guidelines.

    Central Campus – College Administration IV Building

    Phone: 704-330-6641
    Fax: 704-330-5476