Presidents Entrepreneurial Team

The President’s Entrepreneurial Team (PET) was initiated to provide an environment conducive to creative thinking, to provide an impetus behind the College’s entrepreneurial spirit, and to generate new connections and collaborations between different units of the College. That is a tall order, because although there are plenty of entrepreneurial folks at CPCC, causing entrepreneurial behavior or collaboration will always prove to be challenging. So with that challenge in mind, we plan to set up three or four meetings throughout the year where the group will gather and listen to one or two brief presentations from individuals from inside or outside the College.

In selecting these presentations, the main criteria would be that they address a new idea, trend, philosophy, threat, or opportunity, that some of us might be able to capitalize on. These will be brief, concise presentations that will contain a solution to one of our many problems, a money-making idea, an interesting thought or observation that might lead to a new program, initiative, or unique collaboration. And we will have time for Q & A and discussion after.

We would also like to invite you to a couple of bring-your-own lunch and discuss sessions during the year. We will arrange for one or two people to bring an insightful article, book summary, or lead a discussion that breaks out of the mundane and has the potential to change our jobs, our worries, our confidences, maybe even our perceptions of the world. If we come up with a great and practical idea for the College, great; if not, the exercise still has value because we enjoyed the discussion and camaraderie, and from that, increased intra-unit collaboration is practically guaranteed.