Priority Registration

last modified Oct 24, 2014 03:52 PM

Remember to register early for the best course selection!

The information below provides priority dates and times for currently enrolled students and the first open registration date for new and returning students. If you are a currently enrolled student, you will also receive notification of your assigned priority registration date via your CPCC email account.

Priority registration is for currently enrolled FALL* students in degree, diploma or certificate programs with:

50+ completed* credit hours      Friday, Nov. 7 (noon)

Active Military and Veterans      Saturday, Nov. 8 (7:30 a.m.)

30-49 completed                        Monday, Nov. 10 (7:30 a.m.)

10-29 completed                        Tuesday, Nov. 11 (7:30 a.m.)

0-9 completed                            Wednesday, Nov. 12 (7:30 a.m.)

All other currently enrolled         Thursday, Nov. 13 (7:30 a.m.)

Open registration for spring 2015 begins Nov. 17.

Note: Corporate and Continuing Education registration begins Nov. 7 and is ongoing throughout the term. For more information, call 704.330.4223.

For more information about registration, call 704.330.2722 or visit


*For purposes of priority registration, completed credits do not include ungraded classes, audits, grades of “I” or “F,” literacy classes or non-credit continuing education classes. To view your priority registration date, go online to CPCC Login, log in, click on “Students” and then choose the “Priority Registration – View priority registration information” link.