Legacy and Promise

last modified Oct 03, 2013 10:16 AM

Legacy and Promise is a tribute to countless employees who are responsible for the College’s achievements and reputation, and it chronicles CPCC’s multi-campus growth and its unwavering responsiveness to its community. Click here to purchase Legacy and Promise!

As CPCC retiree Mitchell Hagler states:

I have read every word of Legacy and Promise and all I can say is, "Thank you."

Thank you for reminding me of the people I had forgotten or at least had not thought of in years; for reminding me of the hundreds of student, college, and individual awards that brought honor and recognition; for reminding me of the millions of dollars the employees, foundations, individuals, county, state and federal governments have poured into this institution attesting to the fact that it is a great investment; reminding me of all the little human things that help create family like Sara Ballard selling tomatoes via the Communicator; for reminding me of those who have built the College, not only the many administrators who provided such quality leadership, but also the hundreds of faculty, classified staff and professional staff who worked together to attend to our number one priority—our students; for reminding me of the tremendous student leaders who gave guidance to clubs and organizations; for reminding me of so many initiatives that started out small and became major areas of the College. You have truly given us a history of the past 20 years and have given credit and recognition to so many.