Required Weekly Attendance

CPCC Attendance Training is Required for ALL Faculty

Weekly attendance is required of all faculty. To record attendance, use the CPCC Attendance System. Click here to learn how.

Attendance Records Affects College Funding. The College is funded by the number of full-time equivalent students calculated when a class has met 10% of the total hours. Since auditing records are pulled directly from the CPCC Attendance System, recording weekly attendance is critical.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more.

  1. For Online (IN) curriculum classes only. While instructors are still responsible for accurately reporting attendance, attendance recording for Online (IN) courses will be facilitated AUTOMATICALLY by transferring data from the Learning Management System, Blackboard or Moodle, to the attendance system.
  2. Access to the NA (Never Attended) box will close 48 hours after the census date for the class has passed
  3. The Attendance System will automatically close 48 hours after the official end date of curriculum classes

CPCC Attendance System Training
is required

All faculty must complete CPCC Attendance System Training. Online tutorials, videos and written directions are also available. The CPCC Attendance System Training can be completed from on- or off-campus* locations by using Internet Explorer and accessing LearnerWeb.  Once in LearnerWeb, click on your Learning Tracks in menu on the left.   When you are in your Learning Tracks, look for “CPCC Attendance System Training (Online)” and click “Launch” to the far right of that row.** Be sure to turn-off any pop-up blockers you may have turned on in your browser.

* When you are off-campus you will need to use your CPCC login ID, then your normal password

** If your primary position at CPCC is not Faculty/Instructor, you will not see this training listed in your Learning Tracks.  Therefore, you can search the LearnerWeb Course Catalog for CPCC Attendance System Training and the training will be listed in the search results. Click “Launch” to start the training.