Teaching FAQs

What do I do if....

I have a student with a disability?

Contact Disability Services.

I need classroom supplies?

Contact your Program Chair and/or Division Director.

A registered student has not attended class or a student requests to be added to my class after to the 10% date?

PP 5.11
To ensure student success and accuracy of reporting, the College prohibits a registered student from entering (attending for the first time) a curriculum class after the 10% date. A program dean may make an exception in the case of a College error.

A student misses several class meetings?

Speak to the student about his/her attendance. If the student requires personalized help and/or support with classroom attendance, you may wish to refer him/her to the Personal Counseling Assistance Program (PCAP). PP 5.11 states that the student is responsible for preparing all assignments for the next class and for completing work missed

I must miss a class meeting?

Contact your Program Chair and/or Division Director immediately.

My classroom is locked?

Contact Campus Security at 704-330-6911. (Be prepared to show your employee ID.)

A student is behaving inappropriately?

Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for guidelines.

A student is posing an immediate threat?

Call Campus Security at 704-330-6911.

I am experiencing classroom technology issues?

Call the ITS Help Desk at 704-330-5000

I need a textbook and/or sample syllabus?

Contact your Program Chair and/or Division Director.


How do I…

Enter final grades?

Final grades are entered from within WebEmployee (WebAdvisor).

Handle student registration issues?

Contact Admission/Registration.

Check out College Library materials/equipment?

All library materials/equipment are checked out using your CPCC employee ID.

Create a syllabus?

Contact your Program Chair and/or Division Director.


Where do I…

Get an employee ID?

ID facilities are available at each campus; check with Admissions for ID Room hours. New employees must provide proof of employment.

Get photocopies?

Contact your Program Chair and/or Division Director.

Obtain a parking sticker?

Submit your vehicle information online to Preferred Parking; your sticker will be mailed to you.

Obtain a card key for the Central Campus Employee Parking deck?

Financial Services will provide one (1) card key per employee upon receipt of a $5 deposit, refundable upon return of card key. A replacement card key will be provided with a $15 nonrefundable fee.