PT Faculty: Certification

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CPCC depends heavily on the talents and skills of part-time faculty.  Although these professionals bring valuable workplace expertise to the classroom, they often lack teaching experience.  In an effort to address this need, the Office of Professional Development at CPCC developed an instructional certification program for part-time faculty.  This program was piloted in the summer of 2008.   

The program is designed to supplement the discipline expertise of part-time instructors with the tools and resources needed to effectively teach adults.  This 25-hour program consists of instruction in adult learning theories, effective learning environments, classroom management, learning outcomes, core competencies, and student-centered assignments and assessments.  Part-time instructors are recommended by their departments.  Participants represent multiple disciplines across the College.

The curriculum for the course is structured around Student Engagement Techniques by Elizabeth F. Barkley.  The instructors have the opportunity to select a technique from the book to design a 10 minute teaching demonstration.  Prior to the teaching demonstration, the instructors participate online via Blackboard to discuss their outcomes, assessment techniques and activity that they'll present to a small group of fellow instructors. Past demonstrations have included welding techniques,  Jeopardy game on the parts of the heart, how to read blueprints, what constitutes admissible evidence in a trial and the use of Youtube to teach critical thinking. These demonstrations provide the instructors with exposure to a variety of teaching techniques as well as a taste for each instructor's discipline.  

Testimonials from part-time instructors include: 

"I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this course and what a truly enlightening experience this has been for me.  Until now, I had been "floating" around the campus in a very isolated (adjunct instructor) world.  It is so reassuring to read about others just like me--and to get to know them through the Discussion Board."

 "I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you've done with this course. It has been a fantastic faculty resource. I hope CPCC continues it. I'm sure it will greatly benefit students."

 For more information about this program, please contact Professional Development.