How to Refer Students - Early Alert Referrals

Student Counselors at CPCC welcome the opportunity to serve as partners with Faculty in helping our students succeed. The Early Alert Program was designed to encourage this collaboration, facilitate communication, and provide students with resources which foster success.

Instructors are encouraged to use the Online Student Profile (OSP) to submit referrals for students who might benefit from contact with a Student Counselor.  Even if these instructors have not been through the standardized Early Alert training, they still have access to the electronic referral form.  Watch the following video and open the link below. They both summarize the process and include instructions for accessing the OSP.

Download an Early Referral Document. It describes the process and will then help Counselors connect with students who need extra support.

If you have additional questions contact

Tony Jones
Counseling Services
Central Piedmont Community College
704.330.6364 (Phone)