Grading Procedures

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Grading Policies and Grade Appeals Process

College policies regarding grading, incompletes, grade changes, and grade appeals process can be found in the CPCC Catalog. Look in the College Policies and Procedures: Grading Policy section. Faculty and staff may access the catalog online at CPCC Catalog or contact their department for a copy or purchase a copy from any campus cashiering office for $2.00.

Student Grade Appeals is covered in Policy and Procedure 7.09 SectionV - Student Grievance Procedures. Download a copy of the Student Grade Appeals Form.

CPCC Grading System

The College has three different grading systems Curriculum grade codes, Basic Skills grade codes and Continuing Education grade codes. Contact your department for information regarding the correct grading codes.



An I (Incomplete) may be assigned when a student has persisted through the course and has completed at least 90% of the requirements for passing the course or when the instructor has determined extenuating circumstances exist. When an "I" is assigned, the instructor must fill out an "Incomplete Grade Form" and submit it to the Division Office. (click here to access form) A student must resolve an I (Incomplete) grade within the time frame specified by the instructor or the division, but no later than 6 months from the end of the term for which the grade was assigned. When an I grade has been resolved, the final grade will be recorded with the I (e.g., I/B) and the GPA will be re-computed. An I which is unresolved will be changed to the grade of  I/F after the specified expiration date.


Looking Ahead to Final Grades

The semester term (16 weeks) includes a final examination week. For full-term regularly scheduled classes, a final examination schedule is included in the Class Listing Schedule, the current CPCC Catalog and the Academic Calendar. It is expected that most faculty will choose to give final examinations but instructors are not required to give a final examination. Click here to Post Final Grades on WebEmployee.


How to Enter Grades on the Web Employee site

Note: You will be timed-out after 30 minutes on any screen. For security reasons, DO NOT leave your computer unattended while using WebEmployee.

1. From the intranet page click Web Employee,

2. You must log-in using your employee login and password.

3. Click “Faculty” and then click on the “Grading” link.

4. From the drop down menu, select the desired term (Fall or Spring XX)

5. Click on “Submit”.

6. From the drop down menu on the Grading screen, select “Final”
(Hint:  move your cursor and click outside of that box. Otherwise, when you scroll down, you may change your selection from “Final” to “Midterm” grading. )

7. Select your class section; select “Submit”

8. IMPORTANT – Check at the top of the class list. Be sure that it still says “Final Grading” (If the screen reads “Midterm” go back to the previous screen to select “Final Grading.”)  

9. In the “Grade” column enter your student grades

10. When all student grades have been entered, print a copy for your records and then select “Submit” at the bottom of the screen.