Required Weekly Attendance

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CPCC Attendance Training is Required for ALL Faculty

Recording attendance for every class session (or weekly if teaching online) is required of all faculty. To record attendance, use the CPCC Attendance System inside WebAdvisor. Click here for an overview handout.


Why is recording attendance at CPCC so important?

1.  Student Success and Retention. Students who attend class are more likely to be successful.  Regular attendance is one of the best predictors of good grades and retention.  Recorded absences will trigger student interventions at key times under STAR student progress reporting.

2. Attendance Records Affects College Funding. The College is funded by the number of full-time equivalent students calculated when a class has met 10% of the total hours. Since auditing records are pulled directly from the CPCC Attendance System, recording weekly attendance is critical.

3. Financial Aid and Veterans Disbursements. Students earn financial aid by how long they attend their courses. CPCC disburses money to veterans on a weekly basis.  Marking "stopped attending" (S) happens stops disbursement for aid the student is not eligible to receive before being disbursed.

Watch this video for detailed information of the importance of recording attendance accurately.


CPCC Mandatory Attendance System Training is required to all instructors.

Based on the class or classes instructors will be teaching, please note:

  • If teaching face-to-face, launch “Traditional (TR) Attendance Recording”
  • If teaching online or hybrid, launch both “Traditional (TR) Attendance Recording” and Non-Traditional (IN & HY) Attendance Recording.
  • For the completion of your training, supervisory review, and PD credit, you must take the final assessment in LearnerWeb.  Once you complete the course, a pop-up window will display the following:  "Are you finished and ready to take the test"?  Click yes, and proceed with the assessment.  Please note that all activities/assessment questions in the course are for your practice and reflection only.

    The online/on-demand version is available.  Be sure to turn-off any pop-up blockers you may have turned on in your browser.  The following links will allow you to launch the Mandatory Attendance training directly using your CPCC credentials:


    To access the Mandatory Attendance training from LearnerWeb, use the following steps:

    • Go to
    • Type the word “attendance” in the Keyword field in the Search Course Catalog.
    • Then, click on the folder “Employee Online Learning”.
    • All training modules inside the Employee Online Learning folder are in alphabetical order.


      Attendance Highlights

      1. For Online (IN) curriculum classes only. While instructors are still responsible for accurately reporting attendance, attendance recording for Online (IN) courses will be facilitated AUTOMATICALLY by transferring data from the Learning Management System, Blackboard or Moodle, to the attendance system.  Instructors cannot add "A"s for absences or enter this manually.
      2. Access to the NA (Never Attended) box will close 48 clock hours after the census date for the class has passed
      3. The Attendance System will automatically close 48 clock hours after the official end date of curriculum classes.
      4. Watch this video tutorial to learn more.