Faculty Administrative Responsibilities

Topic Page - Classrooom Administration

Faculty Resource Handbook: Classroom Management

CPCC CareTeam: See Something Say Something
The CPCC Care Team's purpose is to provide a systematic response to reports of behavior that is concerning or disruptive to the College community. Click here to report a concern.

Creating a Class Syllabus

Your syllabus is the most important document in your class. Click this topic to learn how to create your class syllabus.

Recording Weekly Attendance

All faculty are required to record attendance weekly on the CPCC Attendance System. Click this topic to learn more. To learn more about the Attendance Policy (5.11), click here.

To learn how to use the CPCC Attendance System, click here.
Note: If you are downloading these documents off campus, log into Sharepoint using your CPCC username with @cpcc.edu, (i.e. xxx1234e@cpcc.edu) and password.

Classroom Policies

Policies and Procedures that apply to classroom location moves, if you are unable to teach, or inclement weather.