Office Moves


Facilities Services is responsible for all office moves/relocations, program or department relocations, and new or renovated facilities. The Campus Dean’s Office will approve the relocation of current employees and the assignment of new employees, notifying Facilities Services with the appropriate form. All moves must be approved before any action can be taken. Once the approval notice has been received by Facilities Services, it will require a minimum of two weeks notice and up to four weeks before the actual relocation can occur. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the relocation process:

  • Request your moving boxes at least ten (10) days prior to packing.
  • Pack the contents of your office and label the boxes clearly.
  • Clearly mark items to be discarded.
  • Complete all packing and labeling by the date provided.
  • Vertical and horizontal file cabinets need to be completely emptied.
  • Two door storage cabinets need to be completely emptied.
  • All items from file cabinets, storage cabinets, desks and any other loose items will have to be boxed and labeled clearly.
  • Weed out excess items, files and other materials before moving.
  • Paper files should not be moved if electronic files are authorized and available.
  • The College moves people rather than furniture and equipment.  
  • Programs are responsible for their files. If files are outdated or otherwise no longer needed, program personnel are responsible for making independent arrangements for proper confidential disposal or archiving. Please do not abandon files in the space vacated. Programs are responsible for cleaning out their assigned storage areas and making arrangements for these items to be discarded or moved.
  • Once at your new location, unpack and return moving boxes.
  • Promptly report missing boxes, small items, or damaged items.
  • Request keys for new space before moving so you can return your old keys for new ones. Please fill out a Key Request Form. Once moved, turn in your old keys.
  • Notify Inventory Control of any surplus furniture or equipment that should be disposed in accordance with State statutes and procedures.

The Campus Dean will work with a designated contact person to ensure your relocation occurs within the scheduled time frame.  They will notify Information Technology Services of the moving dates and your new location. We use professional movers which require at least two weeks notice if not longer. Plan ahead and contact the necessary departments for their assistance so they can plan their work load. We encourage you to follow these guidelines in helping the College save time and money.