Housekeeping services of the College are provided by GCA Services Group. Everyone has a part in helping maintain our facilities and making our college a pleasant environment for our students, visitors, and our fellow employees. The Housekeeping Contractor has the function of cleaning and maintaining all interior rooms throughout the campus. They also provide other services such as solid waste removal, recycling removal, assistance with waste and food waste, exterior window cleaning service, floor restoration and distribution of marker board supplies. The Housekeeping Contractor has a specific list and frequency of performing certain tasks within their contract; however, every item or situation cannot be covered in their contract. That is why we ask you to go through Facilities Management when requesting service from the contractor. If you have specific service requests, contact Customer Service at Extension 6000.

If you have general concerns or questions, or need additional information about the performance of the contractor, please direct those issues to the Customer Service Desk at Ext. 6000.

Recycling Program

The Recycling Program is a work in progress program to find out what works, location of pick up sites, types of containers and size of containers, how and who is to pick up materials, type of containers to transport materials to a larger container until it is picked up by recycling contractor. At this time, we have initiated some office waste paper recycling at each off campus site.The Central Campus has an office waste paper recycling program in a number of buildings and we are working
to add more each year.

The following items are some of the paper products we are asking each individual to recycle:

  • White and colored paper of all types
  • Stationery and letterhead paper
  • Junk-mail – remove any plastic wrapping
  • Envelopes with and without plastic windows
  • Copy paper, computer paper, fax paper
  • Index cards, business cards
  • Adhesive and sticky back notes post-its
  • Cardboard, file folders, manila and pastel
  • Newspapers – Catalogs – Magazines – Blueprints – Carbonless forms


  • Manila mailing envelopes
  • Paper ream wrappers
  • Carbon paper
  • Label backing or waxed paper of any type
  • Food wrappers – napkins – drink cups
  • Report binders and fasteners
  • Plastic bound reports
  • Styrofoam – Velum – Large staples