The installation and service of keys and locks throughout Central Piedmont Community College is provided by the Facilities Management Department. All records for keys and locks are maintained by Facilities Management.

Each employee must fill out a new key request form upon employment or relocation to another building or campus. To expedite the request, please have all proper signatures as requested on the form. We do request at least three (3) days notice to allow for the review process plus cutting the key and documenting the request. The individual must sign for the key to ensure the correct individual receives the key. Please do not request a key so you can give it to another individual.

Facilities Management tracks all keys and to whom they were issued. All employees must return all issued keys upon termination or retirement. Returning assigned keys is a vital item on your final check-out from the College. Lost keys require additional internal processes and may also merit a telephone interview between the person who lost the College Property and the Facilities Director.