The following useful forms should have all required signatures prior to submission.


Key Forms

Key Request/Access Request Form (Word Doc) - Use this form if you need a new key or new access. Please note that if you are requesting a replacement for a lost or stolen key, you must file a security report with Campus Security prior to submitting a key request.

Key Return Form (Word Doc) - Use this form to return keys prior to leaving the school's employ or returning keys for any reason.


Move/New Space Forms

Move Request Form (ImageNow) - Use this form if you are moving to a new location or adding a another location. If you are moving, please note: This form is only the first in a series of steps that it will take for a smooth move. It is intended only for purposes of authorization and for ITS to schedule network/telephone services connections. You must follow the instructions that you will receive in order for your actual physical move to take place. These instructions can also be found here: Smooth Moves. Also helpful: SchoolDude Site Admin List.

New Employee Space Request Form (ImageNow) - Use this form to request work space for new incoming employees, part-time employees going to full-time, or to request a new touchdown station. Like the Move Form, this form primarily sets the authorization process in motion and serves to notify ITS about the technology needs required for the space.


Authorization/Permit Forms

Vehicle Authorization Form (PDF) - Use this form to request use of a CPCC vehicle. Have you submitted an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report Inquiry) Form? The MVR process must be completed through Enterprise Risk Management before a Vehicle Authorization Form can be submitted.

Space Heater Permit Form (Word Doc) - Use this form to request permission to use a space heater in your area. Gaining permission to use a space heater requires verification that your particular space heater can be used in your particular area, as well as management authorization. Space heaters cannot be used without this permit and vetting process.

Excavation Request Form - Contractors, use this form to obtain a dig permit. It must be submitted by at least 72 hours prior to excavation for processing.


Construction/Renovation Forms

Building Renovations Request Form (Word Doc) - Use this form to request renovations in your area.

Change/Continuation of Use Form (PDF)