Recycling at CPCC


CPCC’s Recycling Policy

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) is committed to a sustainable existence in support of the Charlotte Mecklenburg area. CPCC is very engaged in regional environmental, social and economic sustainability efforts while maintaining the mission of education.

While many of the school’s functions associated with the education process are product-use intensive, we have put in place many tools and practices to mitigate the school’s contribution to the landfill waste stream.


CPCC is fortunate to have a very strong culture for recycling. From June 2013 to December 2014, our recycling rate went from 21% to 27%! GREAT JOB and THANKS to all!

Facilities Services' 2015 goal is for that to be 35%.


Recycling baskets and rolling receptacles have been deployed throughout the school. If you want one, please contact CPCC’s Director of Energy and Sustainability, Pam Metcalf at or x6079.

The new style of waste disposal for offices uses the “tiny trash” saddle basket featured in the photo (left), instead of the traditional wastebasket (right).

GCA Services’ housekeeping staff empties all recycling receptacles.


Faculty is encouraged to explain recycling procedures to their students at the start of the semester and require responsible disposal.