Mail/Shipping & Receiving

Mail Services is the collection, processing and distribution center for inter-office mail and the College's incoming and outgoing United States Postal Service (USPS) mail. Services are provided in accordance with USPS regulations and with the highest regard for privacy and confidentiality of mail.

Mail Services is responsible for the coordination and distribution of mail between all campuses and the USPS. Mail Services staff will facilitate the timely delivery of mail addressed to College departments and employees and the metering of outgoing USPS mail from departments. The staff will also inform you of the various mail services available for processing departmental mailings or shipping packages.

Procedure for Incoming USPS Mail

The Mail Services will pick up incoming USPS mail from the US Post Office at 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. The USPS mail and the interdepartmental mail picked up the preceding afternoon will be sorted according to department, office and/or area and delivered to authorized drop points and approximate collection times.The morning delivery is controlled by the volume of incoming mail and the amount of time needed to complete the sorting process.

For USPS mail, vendors and other correspondents typically require several week's notice to update personal information.For this reason, please remember to give correspondents ample notice in your changes of departments or buildings.

Procedure for Outgoing USPS Mail

Outgoing USPS mail is collected at the drop points when the incoming mail is delivered.Selected functions of the College receive an additional afternoon pick up of outgoing mail due to the nature of their business operations.

Mail Services is responsible for affixing required postage to all USPS mail, unless the mailer has previously affixed a postage stamp or a bulk mailing permit.

For budgetary savings, the College uses a pre-sort process for 1st class mail. This process is handled through a private contractor and may add one additional day to delivery schedules.Please keep this factor in mind and allow additional time for mailings with time critical deliveries.

Procedure for Inter-departmental Mail

Mail Services delivers interdepartmental mail to the same authorized drop points and on the same schedule as USPS mail.

Currently, outgoing interdepartmental mail collected during the delivery process is sorted in the afternoons for next day delivery to authorized drop points. To assure the delivery of interdepartmental mail to the correct location, please list the recipient's name and building address (see e-directory if you are not certain of the correct information). If in doubt, list only the information you know to be accurate and allow Mail Services to complete the address.Mail Services receives updated information following the completion of authorized moves. For moves not handled through Facilities Services, mail delivery may be delayed.

Outgoing Mail Options

Mail Services offers the listed options for outgoing mail:

First Class - $.42 for first ounce $.24 for each additional ounce
State Courier - $.25 per ounce