Division 4 Masonry

Refer to the current CPCC Master Plan for guidance on masonry issues pertaining to the Central Campus.

  1. New masonry and mortar at other campuses need to match the existing masonry.  For that reason, avoid “allowances” in the contract for masonry and require the new masonry to match the existing.
  2. Masonry veneer shall be detailed so that the wall can perform long term without the aid of a water repellant coating.  Water repellant coatings are acceptable but do not rely on them to make the wall system watertight.
  3. Masonry veneer over metal studs should be detailed with experienced care and attention to Maintaining a clean cavity during construction.
  4. Design wall system for minimal deflection (1/600 max.), particularly parapets.
  5. Specify a long lasting anchor for the wall tie attachment, such as a cadmium screw or stainless steel screws.  It may be necessary to use a spacer to prevent the screw from crushing the face of the sheathing board.
  6. Avoid gypsum sheathing board or any sheathing that could absorb water.  Use a glass-mat sheathing board like “Dens-glass Gold” or equal.  Provide a 15# building felt over the sheathing board.