Division 12 Furnishings


  1. Furniture that is fixed, such as casework, lockers, window treatments, pencil sharpeners, fixed seating, etc., is included in the contract for construction.
  2. Likewise, furniture that is moveable such as desks, seating, open office cubicles, etc, is not included in the construction contract. All furniture should be shown on the drawings for planning purposes, and differentiate between “in contract” and “Not in contract”.

Floor Mats and Frames

  1. Design: Small recessed floor mats are inadequate and the Owner always has to provide additional roll up floor mats. Designer is encouraged to design large (10’ minimum walk-off length, 15’ preferred) recessed floor mats at main entrances.
  2. Material: Removable mats of entrance carpet (such as “Invader” 5/8” thick by Durable Corporation) or recycled tire treads (“Dura-Tile” by Durable Corporation) are acceptable when set into a frame. Avoid expensive aluminum rail systems with inserts, or cocoa mats.

Horizontal Louver Blinds

  1. Provide 1” wide louver mini blinds, light standard color. Mount behind window frame and between wall jambs. In special spaces where the window head is at the ceiling, consider detailing a ceiling recess to hide the top rail of the blinds and/or stacking of the blinds.
  2. Avoid installing blinds in high traffic public areas or hard to reach areas like clerestories.

Pencil Sharpeners

  1. In each General Classroom, Smart Classroom, and Lab, provide a wall mounted pencil sharpener in the construction contract. Refer to the classroom option plans for location. Provide wood blocking in drywall partitions. Pencil sharpeners need to be mounted to a 8 x 8” minimum x ¾” plywood with edge band mounted at 36” AFF. If there is a chair rail, then integrate the pencil sharpener into the chair rail design.
  2. Pencil sharpeners should be procured through the State Purchasing and Contracts. Refer to: doa.state.nc.us/PandC and click on “term contracts”. Pencil Sharpener shall be equal to Dexter model SAN51133, tan, adjustable, screw down model.

Wall Clock

In each General Classroom, Smart Classroom, and Lab, the GC will install a wall mounted clock in the construction contract. Refer to the classroom option plans for location. Clocks are battery operated and clocks are provided by the Owner.