Division 11 Equipment

Projection Screens

  1. Refer to the Standards for Instruction for more information about size and which spaces receive motorized projection screens.
  2. Specify front projection screens, no seams, no borders, size varies per Standards for Instruction.

Dock Bumpers

Specify a laminated tread bumper, bolt to a structural angle closure. Coordinate with dock leveler.

Dock Leveler

At loading dock specify a hydraulic dock leveler equal to McGuire (1-800-McGuire) with 35,000 pound load capacity, 10 year warranty, and standard accessories.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

  1. Performance: Containment per ASHRAE Standard 110-1995 test, and compliance with SEFA 1.1 “Laboratory Fume Hoods-Recommended Practices”.
  2. Manufacturer: Equal to Kewaunee Scientific Corp., Supreme Air-Fume Hood, Model H09K5446-H7, with UL label and 1 year warranty.
  3. Features: Steel exterior, double-wall end panels, fume hood airfoil, ¼ inch thick epoxy interior lining, baffle, bypass grilles to conceal plenum, operable sash, 2-tube vapor proof fluorescent light fixture, 2 duplex receptacles, factory installed plumbing for gas and water, fume hood base stand, epoxy top with a large integral cup sink.
  4. Accessories: Absolute Filter (99.97% efficient for 0.3 micron particles) with a furnace type prefilter in a housing, air flow alarm, and sash stops to limit hood opening to 50% of sash height.