Division 10 Specialties

Toilet Compartments

  1. Specify solid phenolic or high density polyethylene (HDPE) toilet partitions, minimum 1 inch thick, overhead braced, with heavy duty vandal resistant hardware. Provide continuous angles at intersections with walls. Provide phenolic or HDPE urinal screens with continuous angle support. Stall hardware, coat hook, and fittings shall be stainless steel. Partition lock shall be a surface mounted slide bolt latch.
  2. There is a preference to provide ceiling mounted installation instead of overhead braced, depending on the added cost, configuration, and location.
  3. Note that the large toilet paper dispenser protrudes about 6” into the stall, so lay out normal stalls to have 2’-9” clear minimum (2’-10” on center).

Toilet Accessories

Note: All in Construction Contract

  1. Paper Towel Dispenser/Waste Combination; Type 300 stainless steel, design for large paper rolls 8” or 9” wide X 800’ long, key lock, 15 gallon removable receptacle, either semi recess mounted, equal to Bobrick #B-3961 or fully recessed equal to Bobrick #B39601. Locate near sink.
  2. Soap Dispenser; Stainless steel or chrome, touch-free automatic soap dispenser with sensor designed for liquid soap dispensing, dispenser equal to “OneShot Dispenser” (by Technical Concepts, 1-800-551-5155). Unit is battery powered, drive motor operated, mounts through one inch diameter hole in countertop and includes a 27 oz. Soap refill for 1000 hand washes, 2-year warranty.
  3. Toilet Paper Dispenser; Stainless steel, with viewing slot to determine quantity of paper left. Dispenser must accommodate two 10” rolls with a 3” core of single ply roll of toilet paper. There must be tear strips located on two sides of the dispensing slot for the paper to be easily torn from the roll. The dispenser cover must be lockable and include one key, equal to Bobrick #B-2893.
  4. Sanitary Napkin Disposal; Stainless steel type 304, 22 gage, satin finish, surface mounted, cover to have full length piano hinge and bottom unlocks with key, equal to Bobrick B-270.
  5. Handicapped Grab Bars; Stainless steel sizes to fit layout of room and applicable codes.
  6. Hand Dryer; in addition to the towel/waste combination above, provide one (1) semi- recessed hand dryer with sensor operation, cast iron cover, equal to Bobrick #B-750. Locate near sink.
  7. Feminine Napkin Vendor Machine; Delete, do not provide
  8. Provide wall mounted or recessed shelving in restrooms to accommodate books, backpacks, etc. It is preferred that a wall mounted shelf have coat hooks underneath for book bags. Refer to Standards for Restrooms for more information.

Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets

Fire extinguisher cabinets shall be incorporated into all projects as required by code and sized for the required extinguisher. Recess the fire extinguisher cabinet wherever practical. Provide surface mount fire extinguishers (no cabinet) in utility areas.

Visual Display Boards

  1. Porcelain enamel marker boards: white gloss finish with clear anodized trim. Use splines at joints for surface alignment. Provide top display rail with continuous cork insert, end stops for map rail, and 2 map hooks for every 48” of map rail.
  2. Refer to the Program Standards for Instruction. Instructors need at least 20’ of marker board length, but do not specify boards longer than 10 feet. Instead, butt together two 10’ boards or three 8’ boards.

Access Flooring

  1. Provide low profile wire management system equal to AMP Powerflor System with the following features:
    • Prefabricated, carpeted, 18 inch square by 3 inch high floor panel assemblies
    • AMPINNERGY power outlets and cable assemblies
    • AMP FLEX-MODE workstation outlets
    • AMP Communications Outlet (ACO) voice/data outlets
    • Empty voice/data cable ports
  2. Provide 18 inch square carpet tiles that comply with carpet described in Technical Standards, Finishes.