Classroom Technology Planning Options

Equipment General Classroom
Small & Med
Smart Level 1 &
Large general classroom
Computer Classroom
35” TV in a media cabinet with VCR/DVD yes    
Portable Overhead Projector yes    
Manual Projection Screen  (1) yes    
Flush floor box with power, 1 ½” conduit & ¾” conduit  (1) Yes, 2 empty conduits yes yes
Data Projector, ceiling mount with receptacle at ceiling Receptacle only yes yes
“Smart” Podium   yes yes
Instructor computer with Software, DVD, in podium   yes yes
Document Camera in podium     yes
Touch pad control system and Programming in podium     yes
Recessed motorized Projection Screen  (1)   yes yes
Audio Amplifier and Ceiling Speakers     yes
24 Computer workstations with software     yes
Laser Pointer   yes yes
Laser Printer     yes

1.  This item is included in the contract for construction