Drawing (CAD) Standards


CAD (Computer Aided Design) submissions: A set of drawings for all applicable disciplines shall be submitted in CAD form.Exceptions for small projects must be approved by CPCC.As a minimum, CAD submittals are required for 100% Construction Documents, and Record (As-built) Drawing phases, but may not be required for the other design phases (as determined by the Construction Director). These Drawing CAD Standards are in addition to the hard copies identified in the NC Standard Form of Agreement.

Submittal Requirements:

  1. CAD drawings shall be submitted in current version used by CPCC (currently AutoCAD Version 2000 “DWG” file format), verify with the Facilities Design and Construction Director. DXF format will not be accepted.
  2. CAD drawings shall be identical to the hard copy submittals.
  3. CAD drawings shall be submitted on CD and shall be labeled with project name, project number, drawings included, date, company name, contact name and telephone number.
  4. If the CAD drawings are submitted in compressed form (for example, using PKZIP.EXE), then the utility must be provided to allow decompression of the files (for example PKUNZIP.EXE). Directions must be included with the transmittal and electronically into the root directory of the electronic media.
  5. Consultants must use AIA layering standards and must provide a spreadsheet that defines the content of each layer. Each drawing should be audited to verify the layering standards are adhered to.
  6. If the CAD drawings utilize file references (Xrefs), then the file references must be provided with the CAD drawings on diskette.Files and their attached Xrefs must be located in the same directory.
  7. CPCC requests that the text font be “romans.shx” on submissions.