Continuous Improvement


The CPCC Facilities Standards were developed by the Facilities Design and Construction Department with the involvement of staff, faculty, students, and adoption by the CPCC Cabinet. The potential benefits derived from the use of the Standards will depend on how well the Standards are written, and how well they are followed by Designers and CPCC staff, and finally how they are improved over time.

It is expected that as the Standards are used, some issues or circumstances will arise:

  • that will be in addition to the Standards,
  • or may need to deviate from the Standards,
  • or the Standards may need to be refined.

Additions and changes are encouraged if they are in the best long-term interest of the College. The following sequence and process needs to be followed to facilitate additions, deviations, or refinements to the Standards:

  1. Anyone (Designer, faculty, staff, managers, Associate VPs, etc.) may request a change if it is supported by a Dean who is the designated CPCC project facilitator for a specific project, or a Vice President. The person requesting the change must send a letter to the Facilities Design and Construction Manager detailing the reasons for the request:
    • Is the proposed change more functional, more durable, better appearance?
    • Is the proposed change an addition to the standards?
    • What are the cost consequences and benefits?
    • Does the proposed change have support from a Dean or a Vice President? Whom?
    • What would the consequence be if the change was not approved?
    • Is there any supporting documentation or data that would help justify the change?
    • Depending on the complexity of the proposed change, the Facilities Design and Construction (FD&C) Manager will respond within 1 to 2 weeks.The FD&C Manager will not consider and return any incomplete requests that do not properly address the criteria above.
  2. If the FD&C Manager supports the change, he/she may implement the change (if it is determined to be minor), or forward the change request to the Associate VP for Facilities for further review and approval (if the change is major or complex).
  3. If the Associate VP for Facilities approves the change, he/she may request the FD&C Manager to implement the change or the change request may be added to the agenda of a scheduled Cabinet meeting.
  4. The Cabinet will be the final authority to determine if a change or addition to the Standards is in the best interest of the College. If the Cabinet supports the change, then the Associate VP for Facilities will request the FD&C Manager to revise the Standards accordingly.
  5. The Cabinet will not entertain or approve any changes to the Standards without prior approval from both the FD&C Manager and the Associate VP for Facilities.
  6. The FD&C Manager will edit the Standards and post the Standards on the CPCC Web Site.