CPCC Fleet Vehicles

Facilities Services offers vehicles to use for college business.  We have a fleet of four Chevy Impalas, a Chevy Equinox, a Dodge Caravan, and a Chrysler Town and Country van.  If you need to conduct college business off campus or attend a conference, we have several vehicles available for your purposes.

Driver Disclosure Form

Before any vehicle can be reserved, an approved Driver Disclosure Form (formerly MVR) must be on file with Enterprise Risk Management. This form is kept on file for a period of one year from the processing date. If it has expired, the employee will be asked to submit a new form. Please contact a member of the Enterprise Risk Management team with questions regarding the process.

Requesting a Vehicle

To request use of a vehicle, fill out and return our Vehicle Use Authorization Form. This form must have all signatures and account information or it will not be processed.

Picking up the Vehicle

Our vehicles are parked in the Drumm Facilities Services Main Lot in marked parking spaces beginning at the 7th Street entrance. Key Packets can be picked up Monday through Friday between 7am and 4:30pm - contact Joy Jackson.

Returning the Vehicle

The fleet vehicle should be parked in one of the designated spaces, where it was originally picked up. Document the ending mileage on the card inside of the key packet and place the key packet in the blue drop-box at the Employee entrance nearest the parking lot.


For questions or additional information, contact Joy Jackson by email or by phone, ext. 6871.