NABCEP Exam Information

Note: As of August 15, the NABCEP Entry Level Program is changing to the NABCEP Associate Program -- additional information will be updated here as released from NABCEP.

Next Available Exam:

Exam Name

Exam Date

Exam Time

Registration/Payment Deadline

NABCEP Entry-Level PV

Spring 2016: May 16

1:00-4:00 p.m.

2 weeks in advance

NABCEP Associate PV (formerly Entry-Level PV)

Winter 2016: December 12

1:00-4:00 p.m.

2 weeks in advance

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Exam Costs and Fees:


Exam Name

Exam Cost

Administration Fee


NABCEP Associate Program



$170 total cost

NABCEP special exam session









All Exams:


When can I take the exam?
Exams will be offered on a regularly scheduled basis, per type of exam--the regular schedule will be indicated in that exam's FAQ section, below. If you wish to request a special session for your exam outside the regularly scheduled exams, there will be an additional fee. Please email the Certification Center to discuss this possibility.

Where can I take the exam?
Exams will be offered at the CPCC Central Campus Advanced Technology Center, 1241 Charlottetowne Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204. If you wish to request a proctor to deliver the exam at your location, and your facility meets the exam’s equipment/technology requirements, and you are willing to pay the additional fee for offsite proctoring, please email the Certification Center to discuss this possibility.


How do I pay for my exam registration?
Upon submitting your request for testing, you will receive via email a voucher which you will need to take to a CPCC campus cashiering office to make payment via cash, check, or credit card on or before the payment due date. You will not be able to pay on the day of the exam. If you cannot go in person to a CPCC cashier, please reply via email to the voucher email to discuss your options.

How can I request accommodations for my exam?
You must request accommodations at the time of requesting registration. Most exams require accommodations be approved by the company prior to purchasing your exam access, and at times the process can take a few extra days or weeks. Accommodations available are unique to each exam; can include text-to-speech, a reader, extra time, among others; and are approved and provided independently of any accommodations you may receive for courses from CPCC.



NABCEP Associate Program Exam:

What is the regular NABCEP testing schedule?
NABCEP Associate Program PV Exams are currently offered in May and December annually.
Solar Thermal and Small Wind Exams are not currently offered—when student interest in the course(s) increases, this exam will be introduced.

What do I bring to my exam on test day?
#2 Pencils (calculators and scratch paper are provided)
Photo Identification
Copy of your receipt Copy of your NABCEP Associate Program PV Exam Candidate Eligibility Form

What is a NABCEP Associate Program PV Exam Candidate Eligibility Form?
In order to sit for the NABCEP Associate Program PV Exam at CPCC, you must have successfully passed one of the following courses: ELC-220 or ENV-7200. Upon successful completion of this course at CPCC, you will receive the Candidate Eligibility Form that you must have signed by your instructor, and that form will be used to register you for the NABCEP Associate Program PV Exam.

How long after completing the course am I eligible to take the exam?
Your eligibility to sit for the pencil-and-paper exam at CPCC is valid for two years.

If I fail the exam, can I retake it?
Yes. You are able to retake the exam up to three (3) times within the two year period of eligibility. Upon failing the exam for the fourth (4th) time, you must successfully pass another course with a NABCEP-registered provider before being allowed another set of exam attempts.

Is there a reduced fee for exam retakes?
No. Each exam will cost the full fee as per the schedule in place at the time of purchase/scheduling. Exams cannot be purchased more than 4 months in advance.

Why is there no CPCC student discount for the NABCEP Associate Program PV Exam?
You must have successfully completed either the curriculum or continuing education course at CPCC to sit for the exam at CPCC—this is a restriction imposed by NABCEP. This means that all exam applicants are automatically receiving the CPCC student discount because nonstudents are ineligible to sit for the exam at CPCC.

Does this exam give me a certification or credential?
From NABCEP: “Individuals passing the NABCEP Entry Level Exams should not be confused with NABCEP Certified PV Installers or NABCEP Certified Solar Heating Installers. The latter can only be achieved by highly experienced individuals who have passed a much more rigorous examination and have demonstrated the capability to supervise complete system installations, and who have a detailed working knowledge of the electrical and plumbing codes, standards and accepted industry practice associated with PV and Solar Heating installations.
As the market grows for both PV and Solar Heating, students achieving this industry-sponsored Entry Level Exam may find that their employment opportunities are enhanced by starting the job with an understanding of the basic terms and operational aspects of a PV or Solar Heating system. However, completing coursework and passing the exam does not qualify an individual to install these systems.”

How do I request the computer-based test?
At this time, CPCC encourages all students to complete the pencil-and-paper exam on CPCC’s Central Campus. The computer-based test must be taken within 6 months of course completion, and must be scheduled independently by the student at a Castle Worldwide testing center, which can have variable scheduling periods.


To learn more about the NABCEP Entry Level Program, please see: