CPCC Engineering Technologies Certifications Center

CPCC provides the most up-to-date technical skills to the Charlotte region’s workforce and employers.  The CPCC Engineering Technologies Certification Center was created to assist this effort by providing proctored credentialing exams for nationally recognized third-party industry credentials.  For the student, these credentials help validate the skills learned in the classroom.  For the employer, these credentials help set a comfortable, independently verified value for recognized knowledge and skills for their workforce.

To find out more about the certifications we offer and the companies behind them, please see the following links to those outside pages:

Manufacturing Skills Standards Council,

National Institute of Metalworking Skills,

North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners,

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute,

Siemens Mechatronic Systems Certification Program,

For more information about when and how you can take an exam at CPCC, please see the internal links below:






Does your company use a third-party credential in your workforce that you would like to see offered at CPCC? 

Let us know!